Sage Vista School was founded to provide a dynamic, innovative experience for children in Silicon Valley. Our educational program is based on extensive research about how children learn best. The inquiry-based approach underlies all that we do, providing a solid foundation upon which a lifetime of learning begins.

We believe a well-balanced curriculum, emphasizing a challenging academic program while promoting emotional intelligence, is critical to the development of 21st century leaders.

Our program offers:

  • Small class sizes with low student-to-teacher ratio
  • A project-based, hands-on approach tailored to each student's learning style
  • Emphasis on emotional intelligence along with academic excellence
  • Social emotional learning (SEL)
  • Integrated inquiry-based approach across all disciplines
  • Emphasis on depth and mastery. We teach for meaning and application, not only for test scores
  • Individualized curriculum offers personalized learning for each student
  • Positive, respectful, collaborative and nurturing learning environment
  • Teachers carefully chosen based on core values, with deep understanding of the students they teach
  • Nut-free school
  • Learning is meaningful and engaging, with real world application
  • Minimal homework, no 'busy work'
  • Spanish, Music, Art and PE
  • Active, supportive parent community
  • Hot lunch program option (extra fee)
  • Extended care and afterschool enrichment available
  • Growing into JK-8th grade

Download Sage Vista At A Glance (PDF) to learn more about our program.

Our Students

Our mission is to provide bright and gifted students a holistic, integrated educational experience that awakens and strengthens the gifts of each child, and propels them to become responsible world citizens.

The Sage Vista Student:

  • Is naturally curious
  • Asks why? and how?
  • Is eager to explore
  • Is involved in learning for deeper understanding
  • Makes intuitive leaps when solving problems
  • Seeks to apply knowledge to the real world
  • Makes connections and easily identifies patterns
  • Is an independent thinker who questions, investigates and experiments
  • Is persistent in inquiry and investigation
  • Has clear passions and strong interests
  • Is a creative and sensitive child
  • Needs to be actively engaged in learning
  • Benefits from a small classroom environment
  • Needs to feel safe to learn
  • Benefits from a learning environment that fosters collaborative work

Meet Our Students

Watch a short video featuring interviews with Sage Vista students and teachers.

Join Us

Now enrolling JK-6th grade students for 2015-16. Call 408-335-6613 to arrange a private tour or attend an event.

Parent Tours
See our classrooms in action during a 45-minute, parent-led tour.

  1. Thursday, April 2, 10am
  2. Thursday, April 16, 9am

Free Speakers & Seminars

The Sage Vista Speakers series offers the Bay Area community cutting edge information on educating and raising the 21st century child. Field Experts present on social emotional learning, gifted and talented education, inquiry-based learning, mastery-based education, parenting, and more.